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Women’s Enterprise programs

We believe in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to transform lives. orphan guide intenational equips people living in extreme ...

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Education program

Without access to education, these children mature without many options for their future, allowing the cycle of poverty to continue ...

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Economic Development

it is increasingly difficult for  Ugandan women in remote villages to fight hunger and feed their families. Through our holistic ...

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Medical Outreach

This program involves visiting different community and slum groups to provide medical care. For many people in these areas, they ...

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Social and Sipirutal program

To faithfully declare the purpose of God to the people in the nation so that they can attain the salvation ...

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Stake holder Farming

OGI works directly with women in their communities to figure out what will cause the greatest long-term impact. Through our…

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Care about people to transforming their lives and exudes a positive Impression to believe.