Who We Are

As   several communities of Uganda are facing several challenges likes having many Helpless orphans, needy children, poverty, HIV/AIDS victims, rampant diseases, Illiteracy, ignorance and under development, Orphan Guide International is  Opening  up a possible way to help eradicate the situation to a positive and Improved way of living.  We have decided to develop the total orphans, needy Children, HIV/AIDS victims and the community at large in social, health,   Education, nutrition, economic, spiritual and proper development aspects as far as Standard of living is concerned. We  do  adopt  this  constitution  and  shall be the supreme Law of Orphan Guide International as adopted by the organization members’ initiative.

Our Mission

To  restore  hope  to  orphans,  needy children,  widows  and  the  HIV/AIDS  victims  so that  they  can  live  a  happy  and  joyful   life  instead  of  miserable  life.

Our Vision

To  provide  proper  guidelines  on  how  to  access   food,  education,  clothing,  shelter and  medical  care  to  orphaned  and  needy  children, widows  and  the  HIV/AIDS victims  in  the  needy  communities  of  Eastern  Uganda.

Our Objectives

The  objectives  by  which  the  organization  is  established  are:

To construct and maintain  permanent   structured  schools  and  vocational  institutions  where  homeless  and   helpless  orphans  and  needy  children   can  access  a quality  education  in  order  to  make  their  dreams  come true  as  they  will  be  able  to   compete  with  people  after  acquiring  knowledge  and  skills  in  different professions.

To find opportunities  for  homeless/helpless  orphans  and  needy  children like  education sponsorship programs  to  very  bright/smart  and  other  needy children.

To provide  shelter,  basic  needs  and  requirements  to homeless orphans,  abandoned  and  vulnerable children.

To find  national  and  international  sponsors  for  the  registered  orphans  and  needy  children   under  the  care  of  this organization.

To provide financial literacy training and mentoring to small business owners.

To provide vocational training to youths: work opportunities and basic training for young people in a variety of trades to improve their income.


Safe Children’s on The Dormitory Areas

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